The internet has been flooded with lots of content and social media platforms, each of which has different aspect and features. Using a right platform means getting better results and growing business. Almost whole young generation is using social media platforms and they are the effective real estate buyers. Letting them know the feature and offering at easiest cost and at minimum time.

We don’t know what platform you are currently using and how much that is benefiting to you, but here is an option that’s growing and attracting audience, and that is Instagram.

Before going to the techniques, I would like to tell you some things about intsgram, what is that, how it works, and what are the unique features of instagram.

Instagram is an open platform you need to login using email id or mobile number. Providing two variants personal instagram account as well as business instagram account. Using an instagram you can post latest photographs including some content, using relevant hash tags with it and a 1 minute video can also be posted. Instagram enables you to upload 30 seconds video story or photographs those are visible to your followers for 24 hours, but now you can choose any of your story to make it highlight on your profile for a long time. Instagram has unique feature to get live and making interaction with the audience.

You can login on instagram, with your facebook account as well.

Using an instagram you can make your profile private or public but I would suggest you to have business instgram profile because it gives you additional features of analyzing the statistics. Using these statistics you would be able to understand up to how many people you are reaching ,who they are and from what city ,country ,or age group they belongs.

using instagram for real estate business

1> Choosing Instgram

You would have two options as mentioned above, personal account and business account. Choosing business profile makes it public profile automatically and gives you analytical tools.

2> Username

Choosing a username that reflects your business or business location or business type. It should not be too long or complicated. To make it in a manner that everyone can recognize it with your business.

3> Information

Try to add as many as business information including email id, contact number or location address if any so that people can reach you easily.

4> Making a post

The most important part that will define your success over instgram. You can post picture as well as video. To make it effective the content quality means the picture or video pixel or audio should be clear and sensible. The lightening effect, the camera angle, zooming or focusing should be perfect.Including some content that explains your product, its features like price, color, size, use etc.


5> Using  (#) hash tag and location.

While making a post, Instagram assist you to choose product location from where you are posting. Apart from location you could take up to 30 tags with your post those the tags should be relevant and defining your segment, product, color on the message that you wants to circulate to your audience.


6> Promotion

As the facebook provides content promotion in the same way Instagram also provide you a feature to promote content by spending some amount. You can make it optimized using the proper location ,the age group ,you wants to target and the number of days you want to run the promotional activity.


7> Getting live

When we talk about the real estate business it is necessary to make people aware about the unique product or unique feature that you are providing. It’s the best way to get it live on Instagram, letting people aware about the facility the services that Apartment or flat or house or bungalow or a garden  or a land area. Whatever you are trying to explain just make it live. Getting live helps you to activate your existing followers, even live action attracts others to engage with you on your Instagram profile. People will make queries and this will increase your chances of getting better results.


8> Collaboration

There are hundreds and thousands of real estate agents but the only few become successful the key to success is to collaborate with others there are number of real estate agents or architectural Instagram pages. You can collaborate with them, tagging them, mentioning them or asking them to feature your content on their pages so that you could get more fans following from those pages also.

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